Welcome to the website for mindfulness-based teachers and therapists in the Washington, DC – Baltimore area

This website is a resource for those who are interested in finding a therapist or practitioner who practices mindfulness-based therapy, contemplative psychotherapy, or teaches mindfulness and meditation consistent with Buddhist teachings. The practitioners on this site all have a personal practice of meditation and mindfulness and are committed to using these skills personally as well as teaching them to clients.

There are basic values and beliefs that we share:

  • The value of experiencing the mind/body states that arise in the present moment.
  • The importance of understanding that mind/body states as well as everything in life is impermanent.
  • The value of acceptance: approaching life’s circumstances with a non-judging mind.
  • The value of self compassion: approaching the self with acceptance and compassion.
  • The conviction that the practice of meditation and mindfulness are means for coping skillfully with the challenges of life and our own emotions.
  • The realization that when pain is present, resisting the experience or making judgments about it increases suffering.
  • The importance of honoring differences among us, examining one’s reactions in the face of difference, and recognizing the suffering that can arise when one does not acknowledge the life experiences of people who have been marginalized historically and systemically in our society.
  • The understanding that underlying all apparent differences, there is an essential oneness of all beings.

The therapists and teachers on this site come from different backgrounds and have a variety of qualifications. Some are trained and licensed as mental health professionals, others come from the Buddhist tradition of training as meditation teachers, and some are both. All have a well-developed personal meditation practice and silent retreat experience. Please read the qualifications of each individual carefully and make the choice that is most appropriate for you.

 If you have feedback or questions about the site or listings, please contact mindfulnessbasedpractitioners@gmail.com.